27 09.2023

Before moving on to the standards of the air conditioning system and identifying their advantages, you first need to understand the concept of “air conditioning” and why it is installed in the room.

Air conditioning is designed to create and maintain favorable conditions and indoor climate. This consists in a given temperature and humidity, which provide a normalized and necessary indoor climate. Thus, the air conditioning system ensures a comfortable stay of people in the room. Also, with the help of this system, the climate in the room is adjusted depending on the weather conditions. For example, during a hot period, the temperature decreases, and during a cold period, it is possible to heat the air with the help of air conditioning.

Today it is hard to imagine cities without air conditioning systems. For example, in such large cities as Tashkent, almost every building, both residential and industrial buildings, must be provided with high-quality air conditioning due to climatic conditions.

But which air conditioning system to choose? This question is faced by everyone who wants to provide comfortable conditions both in the office and at home. But our company offers you advice before buying and installing an air conditioning system in Tashkent. Thanks to the advice of our best specialists, you will find an air conditioning system that is suitable in terms of power and dimensions.

Our ventilation products are manufactured strictly according to the criteria and norms of international standards. We offer you a wide range of air conditioners of different functional purposes, depending on the size of the room and their purpose.

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