21 12.2023

To begin with, let’s figure out what a chiller is and why is it needed at all?

A chiller is a type of refrigeration equipment designed to be installed in central air conditioning systems. The main difference between a chiller and other refrigeration equipment is that it cools or, conversely, heats the heat transfer fluids in the cooling system. In Tashkent, you can find such a high-quality unit in our company. After all, for the quality functioning of the air conditioning system, such a unit is simply necessary. Basically, its purpose is to cool water in air conditioning systems, which is used to cool any units or equipment. It is believed that the operation of a chiller on water is more efficient, because its efficiency on a mixture of glycol is lower.

The chiller is an important component for the cooling system and the coverage of the area of ​​the cooled space depends on the range of its power. For example, their power allows you to cool such spaces as apartments, private houses, offices and even the territory of hypermarkets. Chillers are also designed for use in the food industry, that is, they can be used to cool various drinks, water. Chillers are used even in sports facilities, for example, in skating rinks for cooling and maintaining the necessary climatic conditions in space. In the pharmaceutical industry, the chiller is also used, in this case, as a cooler for medicines and medical supplies.

Sometimes the choice of a chiller in Tashkent is not easy, especially considering that this is a very serious purchase. But our experts will help you in solving this issue, after consulting with whom you can easily find the required chiller. A competent consultation will select the right unit for you, because our specialists know all the nuances and subtleties of the chiller. Our team will select a model for you, taking into account the conditions and territory in which the installation of the chiller is required

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