27 09.2023

Summer, the temperature is rising every day, the Uzbek chill is approaching. Office spaces need air conditioning, especially in summer. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is the responsibility of every employer, office owner and employer. Only high-quality office air conditioning can get rid of discomfort in the summer heat.

What air conditioning system in Tashkent to choose for office and other premises? All service sectors must comply with sanitary requirements and rules. These are not formalities, without them it is impossible to ensure normal working conditions. When choosing air conditioning, it is better to give preference to comprehensive services: from design to commissioning.

In the beauty industry, cafes, restaurants, retail and other premises, it is important to observe three parameters: temperature, air velocity and humidity level. Any service sector is accompanied by the formation of excess heat, humidity and harmful substances in the air. Our air conditioning systems will help to bring fresh air into the room, as well as getting rid of the exhaust air. Additionally, optimum humidity parameters are maintained. Air conditioning in Tashkent is best set up in automatic mode.

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing air conditioning and ventilation systems for non-residential premises for 20 years. Our specialists know exactly how to correctly calculate the parameters of the room, and guarantee high-quality work and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

What is included in the comprehensive services from Jihozvent?

– Designing by professional specialists in the shortest possible time. All requirements of sanitary and fire services are taken into account.

– Finished equipment is delivered to the installation site.

– Installation of air conditioning systems is carried out by experienced and qualified engineers.

As a result, you get a reliable and efficient system that will protect against summer heat, provide fresh air to any room, regardless of size, and give a good mood to employees and visitors.

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