27 09.2023

This system is a set of equipment and units that draw in air from the street, thereby cleaning it from dust and any debris, delivers it indoors at the required temperature, even heating it up. Another part of the equipment of this system delivers the collected air to the outside along with an unpleasant odor. This process provides a normalized climate and the necessary conditions for the comfortable well-being of people in a particular room.

So why is such a system needed?

Firstly, a person inhales about 9 liters of air per minute, thereby exhaling the same amount. Exhaled air by a person comes out with a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is harmful to health, and if there is no high-quality ventilation and ventilation system in the space, then such a room will be harmful and unsafe for life. Secondly, not only the air exhaled by a person is dangerous, but also various odors emanating from cooking, things, perfumes and other things. Therefore, an exhaust ventilation system is necessary for a normalized and comfortable climate for well-being. Huge industrial enterprises, conference halls, swimming pools and in general any premises should have a high-quality exhaust ventilation system.

Our ventilation system in Tashkent is produced using a special advanced technology and is designed to provide air supply in sufficient volume and the required temperature to the premises. Our supply and exhaust ventilation system distributes the exhaust air throughout the building and the area of ​​​​the room where a normalized climate is needed. High-quality ventilation systems with powerful performance and engine, you can purchase from us with the help of advice from the best specialists of our company. Thus, you will receive a guaranteed supply and exhaust ventilation system, by installing which you will immediately receive the necessary microclimate, clean air and comfortable well-being in the room.

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